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  1. The Rob Parson Project

    I've been following Rob Parson's story for a few years and his determination to finish his hand controlled drift car after his accident years ago has been nothing short of inspiring.

    Check out Rob's video and his story!

    Robís Story
    Rob was described by his friends as being a jack russell terrier on cat nip, or by two words: zesty taco, with extra hot sauce and a shot of the cheapest tequila at the
    Build Logs
  2. my 180sx V2.0

    I have owned my 180sx since early 2006, bought it shortly after I sold the GTR and never looked back. -in those 6 years of owning this car it has gone through many stages and countless adjustments to make it drive exactly how I wanted.

    This was my first ever drifting event (2009 at bremerton) where I drove, and my first day hanging out with the Midnighters! -Not only ...
    Build Logs