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  1. Adam "aka Soundline" Needs your support.

    For those of you that have been around long enough you'll remember our "Ask a WA Cop" Thread that was highly successful and full of great information all thanks to one man, Adam.

    We closed that thread in February 2014 when Adam was injured in a struggle with an assailant and he has since been recovering slowly. In ...
  2. I Drift U Drift

  3. A day spent with Ian Fournier

    I met up with Ian Fournier at his home early saturday morning as we had a full day ahead of us before we would make it to Evergreen speedway for the 3rd round of their Pro-Am series.

    Once the car was all strapped down on the trailer it was time to set off for the border and get this road trip started!

  4. When the NW showed its fury.

    Well it was inevitable. A very wet rainy pacific northwest Pro Am. It is very strange that of all the years that Evergreen Speedway has been doing Formula Drift Pro Am events there have never been any wet events.

    This changed today.

    I have never driven this particular course in the wet. It was something that I never really wanted to do but with an ultimate goal of a Formula Drift License this season I had to.

    Since the last pro am event we made a few ...
  5. Through the eyes of a tall guy. Evergreen Pro Am Round 1

    Hey NWN,

    Let me start by saying thanks to Gaelen and the rest of the NWN crew for continuing to grow Northwest Nissans into one of the best regional forums in the country. It has been a great 10 years and I am proud to be sponsored by Northwest Nissans this season.

    On to the recap.

    On April 21 we had the first round of FD Pro-AM at Evergreen Speedway. This was a day that I have been looking forward to for months. Just itching to smell the aroma of ...