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  1. Villainous: Nate the V8

    We were recently down at Bash to the Future 3 and got a chance to meet Nate Shewchuk of Villains Drift, from Walla Walla, Washington. He drives an absolutely gorgeous S chassis with an LS V8. Photos were taken and questions were asked. What follows are the results of that session. Enjoy!

    Q: Nate, tell us a little more about the car, how long have you had it, and what made you decide to go ...
  2. 2015 Evergreen Drift ProAm Round 2

    Formula Drift Pro/Am round two took place last weekend up at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington. The weather was perfect and the entire Saturday was set aside for this competition (as well as the second round of the Grassroots series).

    The Grassroots event started the day, and Pro/Am was slated ...
  3. Knox Mountain Hillclimb

    The 58th annual Knox Mountain Hillclimb took place in Kelowna, BC a few weeks ago and to go with tradition the skies cleared up and the sun came out to let the drivers get a good solid run up the hill!

    We had lots of familar cars this year and one of the biggest attendances in the last few years that I have been attending.

  4. NissanFest 2015

    I think this yearís NissanFest was by far the best iteration yet. The numbers donít lie, and neither did the weather report. We had a record turn out this year for spectators. At one point during drift practice, the grandstands looked like it could be Formula Drift qualifying day, it was amazing. The weather was fair, but historically speaking, thatís better than itís ever been. Usually itís a freaking ...

    Updated 05-27-2015 at 05:46 PM by Zimmerdom

  5. Cellblock D 26

    Well this is only a month late but NissanFest kept me pretty busy so you'll have to excuse me for my tardiness .

    A typical rainy day in Vancouver started off at 6am for me and a 2 hour drive out to a little track in the backside of Agassiz, BC. Cellblock D was a regular event run out here for a few years but since the organizer (Trent Stromkins) started a family and had a nasty crash at ...
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