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  1. Formula D photographer for NWN

    Name: Tamara Marsh
    Age: 24

    Why I should shot for NWN:
    I've been a freelance photographer for 8 years now, and have been focusing on automotive photography more in the last year. In the past 2 months, I've been hanging out at Evergreen Drift events, getting as many shots as possible. Getting a chance to shoot FD would be amazing! Here are a few shots from FD Pro Am Round 3 at Evergreen.

    Rob Primo warming up his diff before his first run-

  2. Formula D-NWN

    Name: Trevor Pape
    Age : 22
    Why I should shoot for NWN:
    When Tight angles, Hot Rubber, and a Nissan 240SX come shooting through at 90mph throwing smoke and chunks of rubber onto the pavement. Every moment counts. One Run Will Make you or break you, If Your going to go big on the track, and Miss the concrete barrier by mere inches, make sure you have someone get that shot. I'll Get That shot.

    Mazda Rx-7 (pits) ...
  3. Matt Larson Formula D Team Photographer Application

    Name: Matt Larson
    Age: 20

    Why I should shoot for NWN:
    I would love the opportunity to cover Forumla D for Northwest Nissan; this being my first year on the media set I am relatively new however and not new to photography in general. I've been messing around with cameras for as long as I can remember and have been taking photographer to a more serious level for the past 4 or 5 years, learning a lot along the way. In high school, for both my junior and senior year, I ...
  4. FD Photography Team Entry - Shane Wall.

    Name: Shane Wall
    Age: 27

    I would love the chance to represent NWN at any event, hands down Formula D being the premiere event. I am relatively new to the the scene but i feel my work has stood out at the events i have had the pleasure of attending. I strive for excellence and have been told that my pics "tell a story". I try to capture "moments" and full environments and not just the car. Shooting Formula D at Evergreen would be a tremendous honor, and truthfully ...
  5. EVD78 - Terminal Velocity

    For a day that was forecast to rain it turned out to be a great day for drifting. Both Grassroots and Pro-Am took to the track with gusto.

    As you can see there were some great lines happening on the 3/8ths bank which made for some extremely stiff competition!

    It was also good to see some new faces out and taking the challenge ...
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