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  1. Pro-AM side of a Formula Drift Event

    It's just like Christmas. It only comes once a year. Formula Drift Seattle at the end of July.

    This is the single biggest event of the year for northwest drifting. The exposure is huge and thus... So is the pressure to do well.

    Leading up to the event I got some exciting news that my father who loves to come watch and help was actually going to make it back early from his 2 month commercial fishing season in time for the event. It's always nice to have him around ...
  2. Road to recovery.

    So as many of you may know I've been MIA for a while, so let me break down the what's and whys for ya. Following Nissanfest at evergreen speedway was Formula Drift Long Beach, we showed up ready to go with minimal seat time with the new setup. With the mindset of "just go for it" I began the first practice session a bit out of the norm, I slammed sideways into the tire wall......we ripped off the dangling body panels and re adjusted the suspension arms to look semi normal again. I was ...
  3. FD Photography Team Entry - Julian Hannush

    Name:Julian Hannush
    Why I should shoot for NWN:

    I should have the opportunity to shoot Formula D for Northwest Nissans because I am an incredibly dedicated, driven, young individual who has been immersed in the Drifting scene for a long while. I have been very committed to shooting and covering the great amount of talent and dedication the northwest motorsports scene has to offer. I attend every single Evergreen Pro-Am event (rain or shine), so I know the course ...
  4. Formula D Photographer App

    Name: Ryan Baeschlin
    Age: 27
    Why I should shoot for NWN: I would be a great candidate shooting for you guys because i believe rather than just capturing a crisp image of a car filling up the whole frame i capture the action and what is going on in the drift. Drifting is about getting that car sideways and laying out some smoke and i feel my pictures portray what drifting is all about. I go to as many car meets, drifting events, and races as i can and take photos. it would be an ...
  5. Formula D Photographer app

    Name: Jared Cosgro
    Age: 21
    Why I should shoot for NWN: I've been in the (oregon) drifting scene for a few years and I sure don't plan on getting out anytime soon. I started shooting drifting a little more then two years ago at the hoodoo drift events, which I helped run but after a year I moved onto doing films and have fallen in love with it. I've never been to a Formula D event so just being there let alone shooting would be an honor. I own and drive my own drift car so I am fairly ...
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