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  1. Forumfest 2014

    For the last couple of years (4 to be exact) there's been an event held in the PNW where all kinds of enthusiasts come together. Typically you would have a specific meet for different scenes; such as Honda meets, Toyota meets, stance meets, Euro meets etc. etc... Iím sure you know where Iím going with this. The event Iím referring to is called Forumfest. Itís held by NWMotiv, and itís where all these different sub groups ...
  2. Drift Union Invitational Day 2

    Things got started a little later than planned as many teams after the annual celebration at The Mule had a bit of trouble getting to the track bright and early. Regardless the have fun be fun vibe continues.

    Day 2 had a big entry comp with winners receiving bragging rights. Jason Cowles looked like he had the win until Jon Fiorante managed to steal it away at the last ...
  3. Formula Drift - Pro 2 - Seattle, WA

    Formula Drift Kicked off their Pro 2 series this year and Seattle was round 2 of the stops on the Formula D tour. With some of our hometown heros with their licences we were happy to see that most of them made it out to compete for the weekend!

    After the Pro's had finished qualifying it was on to the Pro2 guys to take to the track and see who comes out on top for this round. We had a ...
  4. Evergreen Drift Pro-Am Round 4

    Round 4 of Evergreen Drifts' Pro-Am series ran the sunday following Formula Drift last weekend and a few of the Pro Drivers decided to throw their hat in the ring for the pro-am competition to have a little fun with the locals and see how they stacked up.

    This included Brandon Wittnick and ...
  5. Drift Union Invitational 2014 Day 1

    The Drift Union Invitational 2014, considered the biggest and probably best even in the Northwest. Each year getting bigger and bigger bringing in tons of talent, rad people and terrific looking/sounding/performing cars.

    This year was no different than any others. A drivers list full of teams ranging from all over BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and a few guys from a bit further south in Washington.

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