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  1. Adam "aka Soundline" Needs your support.

    For those of you that have been around long enough you'll remember our "Ask a WA Cop" Thread that was highly successful and full of great information all thanks to one man, Adam.

    We closed that thread in February 2014 when Adam was injured in a struggle with an assailant and he has since been recovering slowly. In ...
  2. BC Historic Motor Races

    I got an email a few weeks ago about helping out as a corner worker at Mission Raceway for the BC Historic Races that were getting closer.

    The weekend was set to be perfect with nice sunny weather and some mid levelled temperatures. Alan McColl was one of a few drivers running dual duty for this weekend for multiple classes of racing.

  3. LowDown 2014

    Iíve always considered myself a European car enthusiast who happens to also like Nissans and drifting. However, over the past several years Iíve also become a fan of mini trucks, more specifically their community. Each year I try to attend at least one mini truck event, if not multiple shows. One I never miss is LowDown. Iíve become friends with the club that puts it on, and met a ton of other mini truckers that I look ...
  4. Importfest Strikes Vancouver Again

    Importfest has been coming to Vancouver on and off since 2001 and has been one of the longest standing car shows in the city. This year it was held at Rocky Mountaineer Station which is one of my least favourite venues due highly to the very limited parking for the spectators.

  5. The Rob Parson Project

    I've been following Rob Parson's story for a few years and his determination to finish his hand controlled drift car after his accident years ago has been nothing short of inspiring.

    Check out Rob's video and his story!

    Robís Story
    Rob was described by his friends as being a jack russell terrier on cat nip, or by two words: zesty taco, with extra hot sauce and a shot of the cheapest tequila at the
    Build Logs
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