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  1. Formula D "Throwdown" Recap

    Formula Drift rolls into the PNW once a year and every fan & driver invades Monroe, WA for the 5th round of the Series held at Evergreen Speedway.

    This was the first year of FD's new PRO2 series and Seattle was one of the rounds that had it on the books. Victor Moore and Mike Phillips both qualified ...
  2. Nismo 1.5L 3cyl in Le Mans Car!

    When I first saw this press release come through I was a bit sceptical on how such a small motor would ever be competitive in such a long race. After taking a few days to think about it it's a great idea from Nissan to take a motor that is likely going to be the future of at least one of their cars (1DX?) and prove it on the grounds where their enthusiasts take their cars.... the ...
  3. Drift School - Dec. 7

    I haven't been out to Evergreen in a while so when I was offered a ride down I jumped on it.

    Ian Fournier was out giving his Dad some more pointers in the drivers seat.

    A little overheating going on... Someone forgot to turn their fans on...

  4. InMotion by NWMotiv

    As we head into fall we can be sure of many thing, School starts, Weather starts to become miserable and Inmotion hits Evergreen Fair Grounds. On it's second year and already one of my top events to attend, mostly for the people that I can count on to be there but also for what is always promised to be stiff competition and amazing cars.

    The show had a great assortment of every style of car you ...
  5. my 180sx V2.0

    I have owned my 180sx since early 2006, bought it shortly after I sold the GTR and never looked back. -in those 6 years of owning this car it has gone through many stages and countless adjustments to make it drive exactly how I wanted.

    This was my first ever drifting event (2009 at bremerton) where I drove, and my first day hanging out with the Midnighters! -Not only ...
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