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  1. RevScene Spring Meet

    Spring is here!

    Revscene kicks off the season with their yearly Spring Meet at Spanish banks in Vanocuver, BC. This year looked as though it might be slowed down by the weather but the clouds parted and the sun poked through for an amazing morning.

    With the weather holding off everyone ...
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  2. Year in Review

    This past year has been full of many things I never thought I'd be a part of.

    This was my second year attending the Cars On Ice season held on Barnes Lake just outside Ashcroft BC.

    Grassroots and Pro-Am round 1 was my first adventure in 2014. April was going to prove to be a busy month for ...
  3. EVD Pro-Am Round 5

    The last round of Pro-Am is always a special event as it falls on the same weekend as the Evergreen State Fair. This means not only thousands of people at the speedway but also means an amazing assortment of food and activities to go along with the drifting on track.

    The difference this year was ...
  4. Adam "aka Soundline" Needs your support.

    For those of you that have been around long enough you'll remember our "Ask a WA Cop" Thread that was highly successful and full of great information all thanks to one man, Adam.

    We closed that thread in February 2014 when Adam was injured in a struggle with an assailant and he has since been recovering slowly. In ...
  5. BC Historic Motor Races

    I got an email a few weeks ago about helping out as a corner worker at Mission Raceway for the BC Historic Races that were getting closer.

    The weekend was set to be perfect with nice sunny weather and some mid levelled temperatures. Alan McColl was one of a few drivers running dual duty for this weekend for multiple classes of racing.

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