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  1. It's great to be home! Formula D Seattle All Up recap

    Well it was an event I had been gearing up for and it was highlighted, circled, outlined, and effectively tattoo’d on my calendar and in my brain. Formula D round 5 at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA. It was at this track that I first watched the Formula D series and one of the venues where I really started to learn how to drift. So needless to say I was excited to run this event. I thought with all the driving I had done lately that I would be able to qualify in the top 32 and get in the Saturday ...
  2. My first experience at a NASA Road Race event

    A few weeks ago I was able to connect with the director of NASA (National Auto Sport Association) Northwest with the idea of getting some additional drifting practice on some road tracks. I had never heard of NASA but apparently they are actually quite large and span across the nation.

    A little background, National Auto Sport Association (NASA) was formed in 1991 to deliver ...
  3. An all up recap on getting Ready for your first Formula D event in Long Beach

    I want to give you an update on the last couple months of our 2013 Formula Drift program including our first round of 2013. So go grab a cup of coffee or drink and sit down for a relaxing 15 minutes and please read through. Thanks for the support!

    4 months until Round 1 – plenty of time!
    Let me start off by going back to November. I consulted with Garage Autohero, Portland Speed Industries, and John Reed Racing about our engine and transmission package for 2013. ...
  4. Mission Accomplished EVD Pro AM Round 5

    Well I can't say it any easier. We did it.

    Despite a rough start we continued to progress every day through the season. Diligence, dedication, preparation, and coming through in the clutch made this an amazing Formula D Pro AM season.


    The car felt great for the most part. A few minor things but considering it was round 5 and the car has ran so great all season I wasn't expecting perfection I just wanted a solid steed to get me through.
  5. Pro-AM side of a Formula Drift Event

    It's just like Christmas. It only comes once a year. Formula Drift Seattle at the end of July.

    This is the single biggest event of the year for northwest drifting. The exposure is huge and thus... So is the pressure to do well.

    Leading up to the event I got some exciting news that my father who loves to come watch and help was actually going to make it back early from his 2 month commercial fishing season in time for the event. It's always nice to have him around ...
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