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FD Photography Team Entry - Julian Hannush

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Name:Julian Hannush
Why I should shoot for NWN:

I should have the opportunity to shoot Formula D for Northwest Nissans because I am an incredibly dedicated, driven, young individual who has been immersed in the Drifting scene for a long while. I have been very committed to shooting and covering the great amount of talent and dedication the northwest motorsports scene has to offer. I attend every single Evergreen Pro-Am event (rain or shine), so I know the course and it's photo opportunities very well. I shoot consistently, and logically, and have a very strong idea of what the online audience is looking for. I also conduct myself in a very professional manner, and would make the community very proud if I were to represent NWN before the FD staff and all of it's associates and sponsors. Thank you!

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  1. white_raven's Avatar
    sick pictures!