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Mission Accomplished EVD Pro AM Round 5

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Well I can't say it any easier. We did it.

Despite a rough start we continued to progress every day through the season. Diligence, dedication, preparation, and coming through in the clutch made this an amazing Formula D Pro AM season.


The car felt great for the most part. A few minor things but considering it was round 5 and the car has ran so great all season I wasn't expecting perfection I just wanted a solid steed to get me through.


The first run I ran a very good line and laid down what I thought was a very solid run. I knew I could improve it a bit but for the most part it was high on the bank with a nice infield hitting all the clips with good angle and fluidity.

The second run I messed up on initiation causing me to be mid on the bank and although my infield was perfect it wouldn't better my first score.

I ended up qualifying 2nd, which was my best qualifying score for the season.

Top 16:

Galen Callahan who got 15th crashed on his second qualifying run thus I got a buy run to the Top 8.

Top 8:

In top 8 I ran up against Kory Keezer (Currently licensed FD driver). He was running super fast all day in his LS powered S13.

Watch the battle here at 1:21:28: at 1:21:28

I led and ran a great run with a ton of angle and smoke. Kory kept proximity but stayed shallow and took his own line. I had the advantage

I followed and gave it all I had. A the top of 3rd gear just before I shifted to 4th and initiated the engine misfired and gave kory some added space. I tried to catch him while still running a good line with angle. I kept it relatively close but not as close as he did.

The judges awarded Kory the win.

It was a very close battle that could have gone either way. Its the classic proximity vs. angle debate.

Nonetheless I did well enough for the event (finished 5th) to lock in my Formula D license.

On to Irwindale in October:

So the plan is to head to Irwindale Speedway for Formula D round 7 on October 12 and 13 to compete in the Formula D Pro AM all stars event and get a shot to compete against the other great drivers from around the country who just obtained their FD licenses. After Irwindale I am planning on staying in LA for the week until Ziptied All Star Bash the following weekend taking place at Willow Springs Raceway where I'll get to drive one final amazing fun event before I tear down the car for next year's Formula Drift.


The feature article featuring me -

Here are links to the community challenge where Forza community members from around the globe all try to mimic my factory 83 designed vinyl scheme.

A few individuals even made a video showcasing their entry -

On to next season:

Right now I am extremely excited for next season and there is a big decision that will need to be made. Compete in all 7 rounds next season or compete in the 4 west coast rounds next season. It will be a challenging off-season of sorts budgeting everything out and determining what is optional, optional/mandatory, and can't live without. But honestly it is a problem that I have been dreaming of having!

Stay tuned for some fun changes!

Rob Primo
instagram - @robprimo