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    note Your Official Ride Thread - S13

    In this thread we will profile each users S13 chassis 240sx.

    Please just post pics of your ride and if comments or questions must be asked, please use the PM (private message) option.

    The S13 was my first of three 240's.

    It was a champagne in colur, hatchback style, full options, sunroof and 5 speed manual. My first ever car. This is the car that got me hooked with them. Started the passion for driving.
    Since I don't own this car anymore, I am not going to create a profile for it. However, I do have an S14 that you can check out in the other thread.

    The S13 is what is commonly referred to as the 1989-1994 240sx sold in North America.
    There are two models of each. There was the 1989-90 model years and the 1991-94 model years. Only in 1994 was there a Convertible coupe model.

    There is also two different versions. The hatchback and the coupe.

    There is plenty more to discuss, so this is what I want to hear in your thread. Tell us about your car and your cars history!

    So let's see what your rides look like, and see your mods. Remember to keep your post updated as well!

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    Banned twisted_240's Avatar
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    Sep 2002
    A Garage (BC)
    Then: I got my RHS13 on July 1st 2002, with 133,333kms and am now at 136, 843kms, Base model, no power anything, no moonroof, no ac, no anything but power steering (she’s on a diet, nothing fancy ) and it's a 5 spd. On that Canada Day, is when the keys were handed over to me and I could call her mine. This car came with a Simota Racing Seat (FS), a Radio deck with a non working 5 disc changer, a Chinese dragon sticker on the side, many many pinstripes besides the black tape, broken rear wiper, broken fog lights (took those off), a few leaks here and there (crank seal, struts, injectors) . Tail light leaking water, crappy clear tint that was wavy, dirty interior, broken this and that’s, funky smell of old owner :tongue! Ricer exhaust, no name on it that is visible, doens't sound bad, maybe thats because i short shift as some have seen, its melted much of the bumper, and soot stained the rest :lol2: .The wheels and tires came with the car, they are crappy lookin to me and the profile of the tire doesnt suit a 15inch wheel, but they are wide at 8inch with tires,so abotu a 7-7.5inch wide wheel, nice and sticky . haha only rust is about the size of a penny and is on the inside fender connecting to the body, which I’ll be fixing when body work comes around. When I went to pick up the car, over night she got a huge dent in the side of the car courtesy of our a-hole customers at work THANKS! and my speedometer doesn't work :lol2: one of my highbeams don't work either, driving blind at night pretty much.

    Now: Since I got the car its taken me one year to the date (July 1st 2003) to have fixed all those and make her run like she should have in the first place, basically a restoration project. I got new Monroe Struts (stiff struts well worth the money btw) temporarily after my front one blew out and my rear started to leak oil on the garage floor. Got rid of the racing seat when a weld broke one day, fixed that weld and found some Z32 seats for sale on here and bought those, spent 13hours putting them in my car with HUGE help from my Uncle Randy, my dad and i pitched in where I could (YES THEY ARE POWER SEATS! (driver)). Took a few parts out I didn't need, little things here and there. Put in a Sony MP3 CD unit in there, cleaned up the mess of wiring back there!, looks cleaner, and disabled the alarm, need to take that outstill and get a new one. My dad went to go and find some replacements tail lights and center bezel after he burned the first ones, also the tail light was leaking in water causes condensation. Anyway he got the front bumper while getting the tail lights, and that is the bumper currently on my car. It was trashed, paint was chipping off, and needed a little fix (it came off a wrecked 240, so don’t ask who makes it). So I took it to a body shop that I worked at for a little while on work experience, prepped it for free, painted it in my garage, and over the course of that week, rainy and all, went back to the body shop and put on the dull flat black chip resistant paint that’s on there now. It is now sticker/badge-less , minus the Nissan embedded name in the front bumper. Runs good, super maintained, and lookin for more...

    Next: She's going to get new brakes, headlights, and lowered Z32 seats soon (Aug. next month!) That’s a short story of it so far and the many MANY upgrades going on are somewhat secret, those who know me have an idea of what’s going on. And this is my fav pic...and in a few weeks will update with new stuff g liek a good outside front shot:evil2

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    found some change under the couch...

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    Club Guest biabia's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    Chilliwack, BC
    I purchased my 1991 240sx S13 hatchback, in July of last year , bone stock with 165,000 km's on it. It's the LE model with Super HICAS , leather interior , etc. etc. Upon purchasing the S13 , I instantly threw in my 2 12" Rockford RFZ2412 subs in a dual chamber box powered by a MTX RT2400 amp and a Sony Xplod - CQ-850X. In late August I entered the car into a bass competition in which I completed 3rd in with 141.3db. In September I tinted out the front and back windows , and put on a Fireball Exhaust. Once winter came I did the H4 Sealed Beam conversion, and eventually replaced my Rockford subs with 2 Alpine 12" Type E's. March I lost my license and had my car parked for less than a month before it was stolen from my driveway at 4am. My exhaust woke me up , and I contacted police. 1 Month later my car was retrieved with minimal damage done to the passenger side, the complete system was stolen as well as my door speakers, the floormats were stolen , gear shift knob was split open, glovebox stolen , rearview mirror stolen , lighter jack , ashtray, lighter fuse, back seats were taken apart, centercap from wheel was stolen, as well as the black cover for my headlight housings. 3 Months later and now July of 2003 , I received my car back, nearly to completion all that's missing now is floormats , a matching glovebox and my door speakers. And 21 days until I receive my license back and am capable of driving

    Here's a picture of my one true love:
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Nov 2001
    Kent, WA
    My dad bought it in early 2001 for me and I waste my money on it.

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    .................................................. ....................
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    Nov 2001
    Well. I have a 92 240sx LE coupe. My dad bought it new in 93 and then I bought it from him in 99 and began to modify it. Its been almost 4 yrs and I have yet to drive it yet. Good things take time I guess. Heres some of the pics of it. Currentley in the bodyshop having the fenders flared, and car painted BMW bronze. Here are the mods so far....

    Click here for darknights gallery

    RPS13 sr20det
    s15 front conversion
    R34 skyline wheels w Bridgestone S03's 265/35 18, 235/40 18
    Nismo extended wheel studs with custom spacers
    Tein HA coilovers/w pillow ball mounts
    Whiteline adj swaybars
    Whiteline T/C rod bushings
    Whiteline front LCA bushings
    Whiteline rear LCA bushings
    Whiteline rear UCA bushings
    Whiteline subframe busings
    300zx calipers
    KVR rotors/pads
    Project Silvia SS braided brake lines
    custom steel braided clutch line
    TODA racing lightened flywheel
    Spec stage 3 clutch
    Signal Auto carbon fiber mirrors
    C-west front bumper
    C-West rear spoiler
    G-corp rear bumper
    G-corp side skirts
    Apexi GT spec exhaust
    Custom 3 downpipe w/o cat
    Greddy Catch can
    Greddy oil filter relocator kit
    Griffin 2 row rad
    Flexlite 16" electic fan
    Garage Defend carbon fiber rad shroud
    Skyline R33 GTR I/C with custom 3" aluminum piping
    B+M oil cooler
    Blitz SBC id II
    HKS type 1 turbo timer
    Autometer, boost, air/fuel, water temp, oil pressure, fuel pressure gauges with autometer carbon fiber cups
    HKS egt and boost with autometer carbon fiber cups
    Toms Motorsports SRD knock off seats
    C's short shifter
    momo millenium steering wheel
    nismo leather shift knob, gas and oil cap too!!
    Impul pedals
    Impul S/T bar
    Morrosso battery relcator kit
    Walbro 255 l/ph fuel pump
    Custom tail lights
    Blitz LM filter
    Z32 MAF
    nismo thermostate
    HKS manifold
    HKS GT-RS turbo
    HKS turbo extension pipe
    nismo crank bearings
    Tomei rod bearings
    Tomei valve guides
    Tomei oversized throttle body adapter plate with N15 GTi-RT-Body
    Tomei oil pan
    Tomei 1.2mm head gasket
    Tomei RAS
    Arias pistons
    Eagle Rods
    JWT S4 Cams
    JWT Cam gears
    JWT Titanium retainers
    JWT valve Springs
    ARP head bolts
    Aeromotive 1:1 fuel pressue regulator
    Custom fuel rail
    MSD 72lbs
    K+N fuel filter
    Various Aeroquip fittings and steel braided line throughout

    Click here for darknights gallery
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    Dec 2002
    after looking for well over a year I found my car in march 2002 that had what I was looking for: low miles, 5 speed, optional aero package and a coupe.

    h&r sport springs
    kyb agx shocks
    cusco f&r stb

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    Club Guest nismo604's Avatar
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    Dec 2001
    Vancouver, BC

    My ni ju ichi(91)

    this my first and only 240sx and have owned it since 95. So far the mods and things I have done to so far are:

    JIC-Magic FLT-A2 coilovers
    Fujitsubo Legalis R exhaust
    K&N intake
    GP sports look front bumper w/OEM sideskirts and rear valence
    Fresh coat of OEM KG2 paint
    Russell SS brake lines
    Bendix front brake pads and KVR rears
    Centerforce dualfriction clutch
    OBX short shifter w/Razo weighted shift knob
    OBX front and rear strut tower bars
    17" 5 zigen GT8's
    225-45-17 Dunlop FM-901's
    H&R 5mm spacers
    Denji seal beam headlight conversion
    NGK iridium ix plugs with NGK blue wires
    Piaa wipers
    Sony head unit and changer
    JBL speakers and power Bazooka Tube sub.

    Now saving up for a SR swap.

    *picture re-attached at smaller size - wizzfish*
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Nov 2002
    Vancouver Island

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    Banned krazy91's Avatar
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    Dec 2002
    Engine and Performance:
    93 RPS13 SR20DET Redtop (factory 205HP, 203ft/lbs of TQ)
    Apexi GT spec cat back exhuast
    Apexi S-AFC
    Apexi Turbo Timer
    Starion Front mount intercooler Intercooler piping
    HKS SQV Blow off valve
    Stainless Steel Exhuast manifold with equal length runners
    K&N 9" cone filter
    Blitz type S electronic boost controller
    Walbro 255L/H fuel pump
    Unkown JDM brand clutch kit (very stiff)
    Clutch Dampener Removed
    Removed PS and AC (brackets condesner everything!)

    Suspension and Brakes:
    92 Silvia front brakes
    Stainless Steel lines
    KVR Carbon Fibre Pads
    Front and Rear strut tower bars

    Unknow Japanese Brand wheels from dori manzoku
    Front 16x7 +32 Tires Yokohama Advan
    Rear 16x8 + 34 Tires Dunlop LeMans

    Interior and Exterior
    Nardi steering wheel
    Nismo Hub
    Cusco Safety 21, 5 point Roll cage
    Nex Racing Seats
    Sony Xplod
    Pioneer 5 1/4" Door Speakers
    Matrix indaglo boost gauge
    Chuki JDM 180sx gauge cluster
    Zenki factory lip spoiler
    Chuki Skirts
    Pig nostrils cut out
    Sony 150 watt amp
    pioneer 6x9 mounted on trunk lid
    removed spare tire, sound deadening, under carpet insulation many other small things

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    Sep 2003
    west coast
    89 240 coupe. i bought the car on 1 january this year for my x-mas present. so for i've just stripped the interior, fresh paint, bomex front lip, and f/r stb. i just got motegi 16 white wheels. next is the suspension followed by a turbo. don't know which one yet. coming to wa soon. see you soon.


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    Jul 2002
    Burnaby, BC
    here's my 2nd baby... Lookin pretty good now..

    Basic mods:

    Sound & Security
    o JVC KD-SX980 MP3 Head Unit
    o Audiobahn 6.5” 3-way front speakers on custom acrylic mounting plates
    o OEM 4x6” rear speakers with factory amplifier disconnected
    o JBL 600.1 600watt Mono Block Amplifier
    o 2 x 10” Bazooka RS series DVC subwoofers
    o Custom shaped MDF sub box and neon light display
    o Clifford Cyber 100 Security System with Keyless Entry
    o Sprint Sport Springs Lowering 1.8”
    o K&N Drop in Panel Filter
    o Removal of clutch fan and radiator shroud
    o Removal of OEM intake tube and resonator
    o Air Conditioning Removal
    o Refinished and polished OEM 15” wheels
    o Clear front turn signal lights
    o Custom mounted front license plate inside air dam
    o Wire mesh inside bumper air dam
    o Purple under car neon lighting

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    Club Guest TeeJay's Avatar
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    Aug 2002
    Portland, OR
    Bought her in August of 2002. It's an SE, with power options, and unfortunately, a sunroof. Great car, and I lover her to death.

    She's recently had a heart transplant, and is faster than ever.

    1991 240sx Hatch
    160K on chassis
    Redtop SR20DET
    3 inch down pipe
    strut bars

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    Club Guest
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    Nov 2002
    Van City

    My ride that made it across the country.

    - Eibach Sportlines
    - Tokico Blues Shocks/struts
    - Whiteline adjustable front sway bar
    - Whiteline adjustable rear sway bar
    - Whiteline TC Rod Bushings
    - Whiteline LCA / UCA / Toe Link rear bushings
    - Moog Tie rod ends
    - B&M SS
    - K&N Intake
    - Toyo Proxies FZ4 225s
    - Konig Monsoons 16"x7"
    - Custom blue pearl paint
    - Shaved pig nose and antenna

    Modifications to be installed before new year:
    - Front + Rear strut bar (custom made Glencross Enginering)
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