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Thread: Nwn noob...

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    Nwn noob...

    Im new to the forum, and the Nissan community but not the import community I've always liked nissans and am glad to finally own a few. I recently bought two really clean champaign s13 coupes, a 91 and a 93. my wife Dailey drives the nicer of the two, a really clean se 5 speed all leather interior and less than 85k on it. My coupe is my drift project it's been completely gutted of interior and sound deadening and is a work in progress. Im also in the market for a clean hatch shell for a drag build Im planning....I'm selling my 05 Sti and buying an early 90s NSX to injoy on those few sunny NW summer days.... Thanks for the welcome, and see you at forum fest!

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    buying an early 90s NSX
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