City: Bellevue
Location: 14510 NE 20th St Suite 103, Bellevue, WA 98007
Date: July 28th

With the tremendous support we have received through out the last couple months we are finally having out first Event/Meet!

CNC Autosports has generously allowed us to use their facility to hold our Event, we will have a 30 car show case INSIDE CNC AutoSports and a car show/GTG outside CNC.

Show Case:
We will have 30 spots inside CNC for the showcase, we are asking for drift cars or RWD cars to sign up for this!
Prizes may been included for best car.

Please do the following to sign up for the Show Case
-Send pictures of your car and a short mod list
-We will ask for a $15 entry fee the day of the event.

Also we are looking for sponsors/crews/organizations that would like to have a booth during the Event.
If interested please email for more information.

we ask that you follow a few simple rules:
No revving
No racing
No burnouts
No littering/stealing

We will have more information very soon as are piecing this together.
Everyone is invited no matter what you drive!

Please come out and show off your car, The car show is FREE that will be taken place outside of CNC AutoSports.
Invite your friends and family!


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