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    Golden Garden Direction from Peace Arch

    ok i though i'd be nice, so lets hope this works out for mapquest considering their links doesn't like to work after a while or something...

    Map with Direction

    and if that didn't work out cuz mapquest turned gay again

    1: Start out going North on PROVINCIAL ROUTE 99 N toward PEACE PARK DR. 0.3 miles

    2: Make a U-TURN at BEACH RD onto PROVINCIAL ROUTE 99 S. 0.4 miles

    3: PROVINCIAL ROUTE 99 S becomes I-5 S. 103.4 miles

    4: Take the NORTHGATE WY. exit- exit number 173- toward 1ST AVE. N.E.. 0.1 miles

    5: Take the NORTHGATE WY. WESTBOUND ramp toward NORTH SEATTLE COMM COLLEGE. 0.1 miles

    6: Turn RIGHT onto N NORTHGATE WAY. 0.7 miles Map

    7: N NORTHGATE WAY becomes N 105TH ST. 0.4 miles

    8: Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto HOLMAN RD N. 1.2 miles

    9: HOLMAN RD N becomes 15TH AVE NW. 0.1 miles

    10: Turn RIGHT onto NW 85TH ST. 0.9 miles

    11: NW 85TH ST becomes 32ND AVE NW. 0.1 miles

    12: 32ND AVE NW becomes GOLDEN GARDENS DR NW. 0.6 miles

    13: Turn LEFT onto SEAVIEW PL NW. 0.2 miles

    14: End at [8048-8099] Seaview Ave Nw Seattle WA

    OR if you like, skip everything after step 4, and just stay on I-5 until exit #172, which if you correctly made it, it'd be 85th street. then just follow the sign by going straight
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    I can get you to GG in 2 turns if your on I-5.

    Take I-5 South.
    When you are in North Seattle, take the N(W) 85th St exit and drive 3 miles west.
    Take a right down into the park.
    You are there.

    Take a look at this close up and notice that there is an exit on N(W) 85th street so there is no need to get off the freeway a few miles North and squirrel around.
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    lol. well mapquest does technically give u the shortest route as possible. but i guess this shortest route puts mess milage on ur car, but more gas usage...

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    Less mileage would be taking the Ferry from Vancouver or Victoria to Seattle, then driving 5 miles North to the meet.

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    u can do that !?!?!?!?

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    BTW: the 85th street exit is exit #172

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    VEEEEEEEEEEERY useful guys. cuz i'd probaby miss it or pull a really wide fukin drift to get in to that exit on the highway since i'd probably notice it last minute

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    i was just about to say what speedracer said....

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    so follow the signs to I-5, get off on the 85th street exit, go west, follow signs to GG, or get on FRS radio channel 4
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    hey Tha89sx you wanna put a link to this thread in the main post on the convoy?

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    please erase the first post its confusing as hell hahahha

    I was gonna say I only remember turning off I-5 then straight down to the park

    I know there is a ferry that goes from victoria to seattle I would take that but I'm selling some wheels in vancouver in the morning

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