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    can someone please help me find the "you know u drive a 240 when......." thread

    i remember seing a thread about this... not the drifting one but the 240 one... not too sure if it was on this forum. It was a few months back and i didnt have time to read em all, had a good laugh with a few of them. thanks

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    You know you own a 240sx s13 when...

    1.Theres a pool of coolant under your car.
    2. You can see yellow sponge poking from your drivers side left side support.
    3. You're cigarette lighter has popped out.
    4. You burn 4 quarts of oil in a month.
    5. You dump the clutch in the middle of a turn to kick out the back.
    6. Your motor cost more then your car.
    7. In some cases, the outfit you're wearing cost more then your car.
    8. You dream about a new paint job.
    9. You take off ramps at 65mph
    10. You spend hours a day on a Nissan board.
    11. You feel nostalgic when you see a 300z on the road, in a "younger-brother" kind of way.
    12. Driving in 105 degree weather with 100% humidity with no air conditioning no longer bothers you.
    13. mastered the "drink between the thighs" technique, or "shifting with one hand, holding drink with other.. who the hell is steering" technique.
    14 – 16 by Sil-Abc
    14. you take out the ash try and use it as a cup holder
    15. that rectangular black cover above ur ash try and next to the cigerette lighter is missing
    16. your driving and u hear a rattle because something is loose
    17 by GladHatter
    17. S14 owners wish they were you
    18-19 by djkapone1 and rco 8786
    18) Timing chain rattle no longer bothers you.
    19) You are often stuck in other people's cars b/c you forget to take your seat belt off.
    20 by Trppn37
    20) ahhh dont forget rust and for pple with the spoiler...rust under the spoiler!!
    21 by phast
    21) actually know what an S13 is and why people refer to it as an S13.'ve contemplated such engine setups as : SR20DET
    RB26DET w/ RB25DET Transmission.
    22 by warpig2003
    22) youve been asked 100 times if you have the sr20 (or silvia engine) or if your gonna swap it in.
    23-29 by phast (again, lol)
    23) if you understand what "pignose" means and what year it was used on the S13.
    24) if you consider your car a 2 seater due to the lack of any room in the back seat.
    25) if you know what Super Hicas.
    26) if you understand why someone would spend $400 on something called "Kouki tail lights"
    27) If you've ever contemplated naming your first born daughter "Silvia".
    28) if you've grown to love pop up headlights.
    29) if the S13 you own now came with a blown engine when you boght it---and that's the main reason you bought it.
    30-32 by Negreac
    30) you've contemplated painting your car rattle can flat black many a time
    31) you hate front wheel drive
    32) (Fastback only).... your car has been mistaken for a probe more times than you can remember
    33-36 by warpig2003
    33) you feel embarrassed when u do a burnout cause theres only one mark
    34) you hate 4 lug on rwd cause of offsets
    35) your car has been mistakin for a front wheel drive
    36) you dont mind dents and dings cause it gives you the "drifter" look.
    37-38 by westboroughpimp
    37) unsuspecting civic drivers have crashed trying to follow you onto an onramp
    Someone warn all civic drivers about this guy!!
    38) you can't wait till your KA blows as an excuse for an engine swap.
    39-42 by thieu
    39) you fear driving in the rain
    40) you think you're a badass in your $2K car
    41) you're happy of the fact that your S13 didn't come with any options because it's lighter
    42) get yelled at by your girlfriend because you spend too much time on your car
    43-44 by overcast
    43) (if you drive a coupe) when people mistake your car for a prelude...
    44) haha and yes i'm terrified to drive in the rain, especially on/offramps
    45 by warpig2003
    45) youve been asked 100 times if you have the sr20 (or silvia engine) or if your gonna swap it in.
    (almost missed that one)
    46 by Vash
    46) Your girlfriend thinks your car smells funny! And she refuses to ride in it in hot days... 'Cuz you know your A/C aint workin!
    47-53 by mn240sx
    47) You've mastered the pushing your left thigh slightly towards the door to hold your supersized Coke.
    48) Everyone who sits in the passenger seat gets told, grab the door, don't stick your hands in the seatbelt groove (fastback only).
    49) You fly your way around a sweet corner, and notice you've only varied your speed by 5-6 mph.
    50) You actually know the part number for those silly struts for the hatch (fb only obviously).
    51) You've actually laid in bed at night and though, "three doors, three different keys?!? WTF?"
    52) Throttle steer is an intimate friend, and you try to make her aquaintance every chance you can.
    53) You know you can find at least a couple quarters that have fallen into that stupid rectangle of plastic above the ash tray.
    54 by boro240
    54) ....youre too cheap to buy quality parts.
    55 by trppen37
    55) how about busted T/C Rod Bushings.... when you see tar like stuff around the t/c rod...
    56 by mirage
    56) You find yourself saying phrases like "It's JDM Yo!"
    57-58 by westboroughpimp
    57) you wish you had a racing seat as your left knee presses into the door panel to keep you upright around right handers
    58) making people in datsun 280z's roll their cars trying to follow you..sorry raphael get well soon.
    59 by rco8786
    59) If your passenger's instinctively know to put the lap belt on whenever you're driving.
    60-64 by cdlong
    60) you'd rather have plain black door panels with holes in it than that nasty tweed.
    61) you keep napkins in you center consle to clean the seat belt grease off your thumb
    62) you've answered "sort of" to the question "do you have a back seat?"
    63) your passengers scream for their lives when the rear end kicks out and you just smile.
    64) parts guys know you by name but still haven't figured out what year and model your car is. they only know it's some kind of nissan or infinity.
    65-72 by Nathan_k
    65) .....Your A/c only works at night.
    66) .....You have 34 missing screws through out the car
    67) .....Driving a car that dosent pull to the right feels funny.
    68) .....You paid cash for your car.
    69) .....Your left front speaker has a short
    70) .....People ask , Um is this a Honda?
    71) .....Honda drivers think your a v6 cause you beat them so bad.
    72) .....You fear rain water will get in your PVC pipe ram air.
    73-77 by fiznat
    73) -people know EXACTLY where the "oh shit bar" is in your car, they already made that mistake once and that was the LAST time
    74) -you never have to drive your friends around when you all go out cause nobody wants to get stuck in the back seat
    75) -you always forget to put the hatch cover thing on when you're done working on your car, and you drive around for days till you notice it's gone and then you put it back on
    76) -people dont understand how you feel about your s13. they ask you why when you spend so much time with it or bring it up often in conversation. you're glad they dont understand, they dont deserve a s13!
    77) -you have a love/hate relationship with s14s, and you crane your neck to look at em when you see them.... when you see other s13s though, you shake your head and wonder why that person doesn't know what he has.
    78-83 by wanabe240esx
    78) your driving ability gets questioned when driving in rain because your little brother says " mom doesn't do that in HER car"
    79) you don't buy drinks w/o a screw-on cap
    80) ppl think your headlights are broken because you set them in sleepy eye position
    81) ppl say "light em up", and you explain that only certain models namely the SUper hicas and a rare SE model came with vlsd, then they give up and lookat the next car rolling through
    82) you tailgate porsches through exit/entrance ramps
    83) you make a cute girly squeel sound every time you apply the clutch
    84 by firewall
    84) but you forgot you try to find good deals on tires cus you trash a set every few months or weeks
    85 by STARBUCKS
    85) ... you haven't drivin your car in weeks because you don't have insurance and you know you will do sumthin stupid.
    86-87 by lazy_flip
    86) ....when you see someone who has that sunroof cover thingy and are amazed and think its a luxury item
    87) ....youre even more amazed when you find out they still have the little leather bag you put it in
    88 by Sid3ways S13
    88) ....when you are running out the door in a hurry and remember, "damnit, this thing isn't moving for another 3-5 minutes before it gets warm." You turn the car on and sit and sit
    89 by firewall
    89) Also your driver side seat has a big rip in it and you dont care
    90-93 by Dr.Evil
    90) (Hatches) You've mastered the art of sorting through your trunk with one hand, holding the hatch up with the other. Or you've mastered the art of holding up the hatch with your head...
    91) 114.3x4 is the ONLY number you care about.
    92) You've gotten used to your friends in civics gawking when you tell them it's a 2.4 liter.
    93) What used to be Braking REALLY EARLY is now normal.
    94-95 by Hookedup240
    94) You know you own a s13 when you have back pains for the rest of the day after driving for 10 mins.
    95) You own a s13 when someone asks for a ride and you say you only have a 2 seater.
    96 by Westboroughpimp
    96) When you put KYB shocks and ground control springs on your pogo stick.???? i dunnoi thought that was kinda funny it's 3am
    97-103 by SLIDE OR DIE
    97) get yourself in trouble cause your girlfriend say " do I make you happy " and you unconseslly answer, "Ill be happy once my car works"!
    98) ........learn to live without a radio(Friends hate it) because you like to listen to your car and fixing or modding other things are priority
    99) find yourself pulling the seatbelt tighter to lock so the drift wont affect you as much
    100) ........dread putting luggage in your trunk because It turns into a 2 hour Tetris match with you car!
    101) ........ppl argue with you because you tell them it a 2 seater and they still insist on in sit in the backseat or they say things like "if you don't want me to ride with U tell me".
    102) ........find yourself dancing and other ppl looking at you funny when you explain foot work on how to drift
    103) find yourself staring at empty parking lots daydreaming about practicing drifting in it
    104 by sleepyRPS13
    104) -if your antena doesnt never stays up, keeps droppin down when you hit a bump or never at all.
    105-111 by Negreac
    105) Your nose color doesn't match your body color
    106) You have to use a key to open the hatch
    107) You've spent just as much on your suspension as you have on your drivtrain
    108) You'd rather have an R32 than an R33 or R34
    109) You say you have a Sentra every time you go to the local auto parts store for engine parts (SR guys)
    110) You know what sleepy eyes are
    111) You despise those using NAWWSSS, unless it's to spool a monster turbo
    112-113 by ghostchild316
    112) ...when one 18in. ADVAN rim is worth more than your car(at least mine)
    113) Same goes for ONE BRIDE seat...
    114 by 240SXAddict
    114) -one nickname for your car is frankenstien considering its made up of parts from 10 or more different cars, and those 10 or more cars vary in year and model (240/180/silvia/skyline/etc.), not to mention all the aftermarket parts
    115 by SilentSlide
    115) dream about sr rb swaps constantly
    116 by D1GP
    116) You know you own an s13 when... you can relate to this thread!
    117 by SlickRick
    117) You chase down the ice cream man with your ash tray in hand...
    118 by rco8786
    118) You spend most of your visits to the chiropractor explaing him spring rate.
    119 by D1GP
    119) You know you own an s13 when... you can spot it in any parking lot becuz it's probably the only 240sx around for another 100 miles.
    120 by S14Silvia
    120) And of course: With a USDM s13 if you open the door with your head out the window you almost get choked to death LOL
    121 by jtvr4
    121) "your automatic is weaker then your stock rods look"
    122 by phrozen
    122) when your paint cracks in a odd way on the front and back bumper, Seems to happen on alot of older nissans
    123-124 by dbhittin
    123) i go threw oil like nothin, but have no clue where its goes
    124) Lifters are tappin like crazy, but u just dont care anymore
    125-126 by slicknissan
    125) You cant open your hatch with the key and the hatch\gas door handle doesnt work because the cables are old So you stick anything under the handle to open the hatch and you lodge something over the top of the handle to keep it pushed down why you run around the car to dislodge the gas door with a key or other foreign object and open the back hatch up! I love it.
    126) O ya and when your at the mall or at walmart and you lock up your car and walk about 15 feet turn around and just give it one more glance. sniff sniff its a bueatiful thing i tell ya!
    127-130 by c32c7
    127) when your coilovers cost more than the car.
    128) when you need an alarm cuz one or all of your key slots are broke.
    129) your trunk/hatch release inside the car doesn't work
    130) when 6months worth of tires cost more than your car.
    131-134 byDRFTKING
    131) ...when the center console cover has a crack down the middle
    132) spend hours on e-bay
    133) can relate to more than 5 things on this thread
    134) …..YOU LOVE YOUR S13
    135-136 by project240drift
    135) you know you own an s13 when you wonder why the hell is there a big hump under the drivers seat?
    136) when you have replaced tension rods and control arms from crashing into a curb drifting
    137-140 by dori-san
    137) have about 1500 bucks saved up and you would rather get some coilovers than use some of that money to fix the rust holes in your hatch, besides, that duct tape is holding up fine anyway. (once I get some money I'll do an upgrade before I fix the holes anyway!)
    138) learn the art of patience when working on your car because you're waiting for people to reply to your thread suggesting what to do about your problem. (please post there if you can help me!)
    139) learn the art of patience when working on your car because you don't have the cash to fix what you need to any time soon.
    140) ...your hatch doesn't close because the latch is messed up, or missing cause you're waiting to replace it, and for now you just have a strap holding the hatch closed. (sort of in relation to the last one, maybe its just me. I have had a strap holding it down for over a week now.)
    141-147 by nopwrsldr180
    141) ....Some girls think your wheels are really dirty
    142) ....It gets mistaken for a probe or a saturn my the same kind of retards that think your wheels are dirty.
    143) ....people push on your headlights
    144) ....That even if it is a little scary in the rain you do it anyways becuase u know drifting is easier.
    145) ....that when u put the car in nuetral to slow down your eyes become fixed on the tach and u pray it doesnt die
    145) ....And finnaly, it doesnt take much to turn the $800 beater into something people can like.
    147) ....If you have named her
    148-155 by xchaosx
    148) -if your spare tire well turns into a small pond during rainy season (fb only)
    149) -you've thought about cutting the stupid tow hook off to save your exhaust from getting jacked up.
    150) -When someone types "so what's the diff. anyway?" to shorten difference, you immediately think of kaaz, tomei, nismo, etc.
    151) -there is always something rattling
    152) -you're a member of 4 different forums just so you have many sources for information regarding that rattle
    153) -if your check engine light plays peek-a-boo with you
    154) -if you've owned or thought about owning fc at one time in your life
    155) -you wish you had HUD, then realize that none of them ever work
    156 by loki
    156) ........turn the music off when its raining or put on intial D soundtrack
    157 by enan
    157) you never close your pop ups cause one or both of the motors have stopped working
    158 by giantkiller
    158) ... you depise people who come on here and ask about the car they don't own, then realize your project doesn't run yet so your really not any better.. and that makes you go work on your car more...
    159 by 240sxguy72
    159) feel lucky when you actually have a HUD that works all the time.
    160-163 by rexbo
    160) ... you don't worry about people stealing it even tho its the fastest car in the parking lot.
    161) ... people get worried when your rear brakes creak when you go into reverse.
    162) ... sun damage is your anti-theft
    163) ... there is a "nissan" button on the climate control and you actually have the urge to push it
    164-166 by TonysS13
    164) when ur oem wing looks like a boggie board lol
    165) when u put ur soda between the side of ur seat and the middle console
    166) when u take ur ash tray totally out n use it for ur soda
    167-175 by raen419
    167) ...when you buy the car knowing you're going to wreck it (via drift ofcourse)...I'm guilty of it
    168) ...when your dad is convinced his (stock) 93 prelude would win on any road, straight or curvy.
    169) ...when you see a pink car, and your only thought is "Yashio Factory", not Mary Kay.
    170) ...when you buy the car with the intent of removing the spoiler, and gutting the interior.
    171) ...when you know no one in America makes Euro tails for it.
    172) ...when your interior doesn't match.
    173) ...when the cleanest part of your car is the engine bay.
    174) ...when you thought Nissan was idiotic for not having a cover for the moon roof, only to find out they make one, it's just more rare than the Holy Grail.
    175) ...when you see someone elses car on here and think, "Damn, my car has that exact paint job, even the fades."
    176-180 by Nackers
    176) “Your girlfriend thinks your car smells funny! "
    177) "People ask if your going to put a Silvia motor in"
    178) "Rust on the trunk lid"
    179) ... when you forget to hold the handle up to lock the door.
    180) ... when people are in a sort of shock when you tell them you have HUD.
    181 by Spidey
    181) Let me try: If when you first bought the car you hit your head atleast twice on the automatic sliding seat belt conector while getting in or out of the car. (typing this brought back the little joust of pain to my mind.)
    182 by Nathan_K
    182) ......when you use engine codes as internet passwords.
    183 by derux
    183) ...when driving you keep adjusting the window so it stops whistling or creaking
    184 by project240drift
    184) ..when you cut your hands on the automatic seatbelt panels entering your car. those things have some shapr edges!
    185-193 by Hat1324
    185) you found the secret shifter, because the leather was to worn and pissed you off.
    186) you found out you can hit the lights really quick and get the car to "wink".
    187) You notice the Hud counts mostly in odds.
    188) every time you see a NA Z32 or a J30, you hope the dude recks so you can steal parts.
    189) you see ^^^ in the parking lot of your apartment.. and as you walk in, your thinking how long it would take to remove the diff. Then think. bahh not worth it.or maybe...
    190) you notice when the batteries die, the car still works the automatic seatbelts.
    191) the timing chain cover broke off. and for ever you swore you broke a lifter.. or threw a rod. but kept driving.
    192) the first week you got the car, yo removed all sorts of weird crap from the engine bay, that to this day you dont know its exact purpose.
    193) you want to take the nissan button and make it NAWWWSSSS
    194 by Dark-Hawk
    194) When your Hatchback has been mistaken for a probe with a body kit and new rear lights
    195 by jasonharrod
    195) When you can drive through downtown and school zones without shifting out of 5th.
    196-197 by DarkGrey240
    196) When your hatch will NOT stop rattling.
    197) When the SOHC motor goes tick tick tick(which annoyes the shit out of me).
    198 by rco8786
    198) when your car needs new balljoints and sway linkages and is terribly out of alignment. but instead of getting it fixed you blow every paycheck on parts to turbo.
    199) u get out of ur car when it gets dark to plug ur headlight motors back in so u can see where ur going!!!

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    Federal Way, WA
    200) u roll around with the parking lights till u cant see anymre, then refer to #1 lol
    201) u have taken ur back seat out and put iit back in multiple times casue u just cant deside which look is better
    202) u are always looking for a body kit but when u get some money u buy a performance mod
    203) u change ur mind about which swap ur going to do as much as u change ur underware
    204) u talk about mods and parts of ur car and all the other car owners look at with a very confussed look on there faces
    205) u think about beating all thoes fast cars in the mountain passes, then remember that u have no mountain passes
    206) when ur board u drive around with a map looking for the closest thing to mountian passes
    207) u get kicked out of church parking lots cause u have "traction control issues" for about 2-3 hours streight
    208) u are greeted by more cops in a wet/snowy(or dry if u got teh power/lsd) parking lots than when ur flying down the road
    209) u find urself swaring profusly at ur car when u hit the Gov. in 4th gear
    210) u no longer have an egr!!!
    211) u search through ur car(after purchace) and find a roll of electrical tape
    212) u dont see y ppl call u retarded for wanting a $00-$500 set of tail lights!!!
    213) u get a feeling of bloody rage when u see another s13 done wrong!!!
    214) u cant make up ur mind on which kit to get
    when anyone talks about the Bible u refer to "The Drift Bible!!!"
    215) u think 16" rims are cooler than hell
    216) u need at least 10" of tread in the rear and 8 in the front
    217)ur rims must be mesh or have a huge lip on them!!
    218) u get upset when ppl call ur fastback a silvia!!!!(or see a fast back with a silfiabadge)
    219) o and this one is more unicercial to all gens U HATE IT WHEN CIVICS, TEGS, CAVI's, AND OTHER NON-240/180/Silvia CARS HAVE S15 HEADLIGHTS!!!!!!/or anything els nissan swaed on!!!
    220 by dori-san
    220) ...when you see no reason whatsoever to pay someone to fix something or do what you and your trusty FSM could handle together anyway.
    221-223 by rich045
    221) when u bought ur coupe and the digi speedo and hud never worked
    222) when u leave home or class and u get stuck in ur parkin spot cause the snow wont let ur car move...
    223) and when u finally decide that driftin is better to turn than just turnin in the snow cause if u turn the understeer will take ur car straight to a pole or the wall.
    224-228 by Drift101
    224) ....... when the windshield wiper switch has faded to a white-ish color
    225) ....... when you concentrate more on ther tachometer than on the speedometer
    226) ....... when you start to send this thread link to all the friends that have been in your car!
    227) ....... all the dents on a 240sx arent just dents, they are known as "battle scars" while drifting
    228) ....... when the more damage the exterior the cars has, the more badass it looks
    229-234 by 240sxInitld
    229) *when your head lights stay open or closed in winter*
    230) *when ppl who drive honda's think your cars turbo*
    231) *when you tell honda owners that there SLIDEING NOT DRIFTING*
    232) *when you skip work/school to go drifting*
    233) *when you get mad at hics when they say stop doing fish tales*
    234) *when you look at some one funny for not knowing what initial d is*
    235-236 by enan
    235) if you name your pet,or child, Kouki, or Zenki, or both
    236) Strawberries make you think of your car.
    237-239 by Ricer240sx
    237) after everytime u watch inital d u have to go out driving
    238) everytime it rains or snow u must go for random drives
    239) when ur car isnt workin propery and barly runs, u dont get it fixed cause ur waiting for ur swap
    240-246 by 240SneXt
    240) ....when you always refer to what you're "going to get done to your car" and people still ask you if you own a 240sx
    241) ....when a dodge neon with exhaust thinks he's gonna outrun your "saturn" no matter how many times you tell him it's a 240sx
    242) sacrifice a luxury like a good meal/cable tv/internet access or etc to mod your car or get something fixed *cough*rattling*cough
    243) have every episode of initial D and have been talking about it before anyone knew what the hell it was
    244)'ve changed you mind about having the s15 front end conversion done "just because" of sleepy headlights on the s13
    245) as your friend with a honda/camaro (any other make/model) if he wants to race you around the town and take him to the place with the sharpest turns
    246) can't decide on which bodykit to get so you buy a performance mod
    247-248 by courtal
    247) did anyone mention non working instrument panel lights
    248) or if you spend more time doing stuff to your own car when your supposed to be working on other peoples cars. (custom graphics & detail shop)
    249-252 by werm
    249) ... when 600 dollars out of your 630 dollar checks go twords something to do with your car... The other 30 for food on the road
    250) ... Rainy days are no longer make you depressed, you look forward to them
    251) ... You can't think of anything better to do then go drfting, even if you're sick.
    252) ... In the winter you play Need for speed underground, make the 240 look like yours, and drift with it in game because your car can't operate in winter. Although it's an S14 in game
    253 by luketownsend
    253) when you have never driven a car with a more ideal ashtray location(if your a smoker)
    254 by LiteEmUp_prof
    254) when every paycheck u count how many tanks of gas u can
    255-261 by STARBUCKS
    255) ....your ash tray spends more time in the back seat then in its place (cup holder)
    256) have a warped spoiler thats about to fall off because of rust.
    257) tend to shout "there is a 240" everytime you see another 240sx
    258) slide all over the road in the rain because your rear tires are bald and the suspension is ----ed up from hitting curbs
    259) spend more money on your motor then your car cost when you bought it
    260) have tried several ways to cover up the rattleing when you start your car...
    261) cryed when an old lady t-boned you because your baby died
    262 by loki
    262) buy a SHELL for $100 so you have one/save time by skipping the take out the KA in a swap
    263-264 by raen419
    263) ..when you bought the car and the last thing on your mind was keeping anything on it stock...
    264) You know you own a 240 when you've convinced your friends to buy one after they drove yours. And they are all USDM freaks...nothing wrong with muscle cars, but I like handling over horsepower.
    265 by enan
    265) when your freinds are tired of hearing what you plan to do next.
    266-267 by Project S13 240
    266) you know you have a s13 when there is a dent on the front left fender (like every s13 i see)
    267) you know you have a s13 when you cut a donut and see 2 tire marks and throw a fit
    268 by nopwrsldr180
    268) ...when u are the only one of your friends that knows how to enter the driver's seat without jabbing thier butt on the bar poking through the bolster
    269 by sixthsense
    269) when u can't open the trunk from inside the car(help!)
    270 by Bumish1
    270) when you only see cars like 240's and probs driving around all over the place. and wounder who decided to make them look the same.
    271 by MoneyMan
    270) you know you own a 240sx when magically then number 240 shows up everywhere in your daily life
    271 by agoura1
    271) u know when u've got a S13 when it doesn't start after sitting for 6 months in the garage
    272 by Hat1324
    272) you know you own a S13 when you watched drift bible, and he said the s13 had problems, you took offence.
    273 by SmellFace
    273) when you see an ae86 drive by, you give the driver a mean look and think "why does his car handle so much better?"
    274-275 by jrou111
    274) ...When you only drive around with less than a 1/4 tank of gas, because you know that it's easier to kick the back end out
    275) ...When you go to get gas, you hear 30 sec. worth of hissing from the gas cap!
    276-277 by 240sxInitld
    276) You burn out your e-brake while doing a P-stand
    277) when sum one challanges you to a drag you decline but when they ask for a town race you jump to the challange (or sprint)
    278-280 by nopwrsldr180
    278) ....when you have named your dog Nismo
    279) ....when a lot of your friends go and buy 240s becuase they see what u have done to yours
    280) ....if your left front is always the first to lock up
    281 by Shlampa
    281) when your gas guage reads wayyy below E but your car keeps on running
    282 by nopwrsldr180
    282) when you are driving in the rain and cant quite seem to keep the windows defoged without burning your eyes from the heat on the front, or getting soaked from cracking a window. Even if you turn on the cold air with no ac the car will fog up in seconds flat.
    283 by xchaosx
    283) - you've thought about silvia front, but then decided you like the kouki front, but then again, the silvia front looks nice in person, but then again....
    284 by 240sideways
    284) when u drive it only for a day after buying it and you already you have mods on it thats 2/3 the price of the car.
    285-289 by rexbo
    285) ... when you autocross your SR20 for the first time and after the second run the damn thing is overheating!
    286) ... when you put your car sideways just because its easier to turn that way without power steering
    287) ... if your anti-theft is a bad paint job
    288) ... if your friends perfer to sit in the back seat because the side bolsters are better for not getting thrown around when you drift.
    289) ... when your left power mirror just wont go that extra few degrees to let you see into your blind spot.
    290-295 by rudeboy
    290) you hate going through car washes, because you know you will get a shower
    291) you get used to driving with your steering wheel off center
    292) you take out the rubber thing in your hatch so you dont get a pool when it rains
    293) you like to watch your passenger's head move when you shift
    294) people tell you that you drive like a maniac
    295) after saying "look, another 240" peoceed to U-turn and try to holla at them
    296 by Sid3ways S13
    296) When your passengers get pissed at you every single time they hop out of the car, because the auto seatbelts end up clocking them in the head when they get out.
    297 by Lost_My_Old_PW
    297) when you buy one and the clutch goes out before you even get a chance to really play with it, but you never get upset cause the anticipation is just unreal..
    298-301 by Ricer240sx
    298) ........when u watch initial D like a 12 year old who found his dads porno stash lol
    299) ........when u feel u have to yell out everytime u see the number 240!!
    300) ........when u see ur fathers trip to madison to celebrate Dr. King day as an oportunity to get a new motor (lol i think this is jsut me hehe)
    301) ........when u culda traded ur fast back for a zenki s14 and then take a step back and ask wtf was i thinking and decide to keep the fastback and all its problems!!(possibly just me as well lol)
    302 by Boardman
    302) the annoying "ding-dong ding-dong" door chime
    303-304 by Rudeboy
    303) the ass of the car is always covered in tire dust. expecially an hour after you wash the car.
    304) when people act like your car is not reliable
    305 by rexbo
    305) .. when people ask you when the car will be finished, and the answer is always "never"
    306-307 by 180Slider
    306) When other s13 owners freak out because you have the sunroof cover with the matching bag. (Fastback owner)
    307) When people ask you if your car is a probe/trans am/prelude after you beat them in race because you debadged your car (lol maybe thats just me)
    308 by SmellFace
    308) when you tell your friends you wish you had an extra 25 grand to "finish" you car and they all look at you like you're an idiot
    309-317 by S13det
    309) "u know u own a nissan when ur girlfriend thinks your a cheater because you always have to call her back because u cant talk on the phone and answer to a thread at the same time"
    310) "u know ur a nissan owner when u see a ae86's and yell out to your friends thats a sick car and they look at you like your retarded"
    311) "u know your an sr20 owner when ur no longer talking to honda guys because there cars just arnt fast"
    312) "u know your a nissan owner when ur friend goes out to buy a mustang gt and some how gets beat by your na sr20" (for only a 8th of the price)
    313) "u know ur a nissan owner when for some reason u cant ever see right because your eyes have been locked on a computer monitor for the past six hours"
    314) "u know your a nissan owner when u start having relationship problems because for some reason the only conversation you can bring up is your future mod"
    315) "u know your a nissan owner when ur car feels and sounds more like an old school chevy than an import"
    316) LOL MY FAVORITE " u know you own a s13/sentra when your paint is starting to look something like a sucked on jaw braker!! lol !!" my sentra has the same all discollored look and shit!

    317) and finally "u know your a nissan owner when u get pist or sad you always can look to your nissan because it brings you more hapeniss than anything else on this earth, as ulgy and discollored as it is
    318-319 by 240sxInitld
    318) When your parents call it a puddle jumper...
    319) when you call your friend with a talon and ask him to go drifting and then go "oh thats right you only slide..peace" and hang up!
    320 by D1GP
    320) ...when you rip the badges off your car so wannabe fags dont know what car it is and when they ask you you say its an s13 or s14 and dont know wtf you're talkin bout
    321-323 by 240maniac
    321) When you can't get into reverse or 1st...
    322) When your shifter shakes so hard at high rpms it vibrates the car...
    323) When you find new dents on your car everyday...
    324-326 by c32c7
    324) when no company made one damn mode for your car, they were all made for hondas
    325) ...when you had to buy a universal exhaust because no one made it for your car
    326) ...only springs available for your car were H&R, dont even think about coilovers.
    327 by Sid3ways S13
    327) ...your 10 year old car blue books for 1/4 of the money that you've put into the engine bay($over 8k)
    328 by DjFlip
    328) when you start talking to it in the garage
    329 by 240sideways
    329) When 240s make u horny....... uh.......... what?
    330 by sd240
    330) You know you own a s13 when you can't go one night before sleeping without thinking about your car
    331 by LordBlytzkrieg
    331) You know you don't own a 240 when you drool over everyone else's posts in this thread.
    332-333 by SmellFace
    332) You know you own an s13 when you jump out of bed in the morning countersteering from your earlier dream
    333) or when you get depressed every time you add up the cost of all the mods you need
    334 by Lost_My_Old_PW
    334) when you are soooooo temped to drift but scared cause you are on the streets and never done it before so you reluctanly press the gass @ the exit point of ever corner
    335-342 by spiney360
    335) .... you spend all day looking for a CIA
    336) .... you say f*uck its for a ka24de
    337) .... you spen all day on ebay looking for interior parts
    338) .... you pop your hood and stare at the engine thinking "what can i do today?"
    339) ....the trunk falls on your head when you first get it...
    340) ....never put more than 5 bucks at a time in gas....
    341) exactly when it is empty.....
    342) ....wonder wich tire is spinning....
    343-345 by nightwalker
    343) ...can't figure out what the heck is causing the scratching on the driver and passenger side door windows.
    344) ...try to get people to race you in the curves because you don't have much of a chance in the straights. (non turbos)
    345) ...get all excited when you see another 240 This is too common, lol
    346 by Sid3ways S13
    346) When you wake your friend up in the morning to have him drive your car while you crawl around it trying to locate the rattles....
    347 by rexbo
    347) .... when you drive with the windows down on the freeway to drown out the whistles/groans/rattles (especially that goddamn one right on the drivers side pillar right next to your head)
    348 by Shlampa
    348) .... when you drive with the windows down on the freeway to drown out the whistles/groans/rattles (especially that goddamn one right on the drivers side pillar right next to your head)
    349 by 2fourTessex
    349) you dreamt about buying one for 6 months then bought one that needs body work, engine work, new tranny and suspension and brakes. and your friends still envy you.

  4. #4
    Club Guest leblanc_52's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    what do the s-12/13/14/15 stand for? i thought they were just body codes

  5. #5
    Club Guest XCELMotorsports's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Seattle, Washing
    they are i think he ment s13"Ks" "Qs" and stuff like that

  6. #6
    Club Guest leblanc_52's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    and what do the k's and q's stand for?

  7. #7
    Club Guest rebelgtp's Avatar
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    May 2004
    Prairie City OR
    "174) ...when you thought Nissan was idiotic for not having a cover for the moon roof, only to find out they make one, it's just more rare than the Holy Grail."

    wow are these really that rare? i still have mine and the little bag to keep it in (both were in the back when i bought the car along with a car cover). it really came in handy last summer to keep the temp in the car a little cooler while i was in the office all day and the car was sitting out in the sun.

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    holly rap that is a lot of ish to read

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    J is jack Q is queen K is king s13j was the stock base model i believe s13q was n/a sr20 s13k was sr20det. correct me if im wrong tho

  10. 03-28-2005, 03:08 PM

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    rrrrriiiiiiight, i remember now! slipped my mind

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    DUST FARTIN OLD MOD Spec240sx's Avatar
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    Somewhere NEAR
    I think I gots dizzy bout 222... Or was that the ROOM.
    Earn YOUR Dream. It is only worth it, if it is yours and YOU make it happen

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    when you start walking sideways

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    You know you drive a 240 when you find yourself dreaming about searching for parts on the internet.

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    damn thats REAL bad

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    Thats what I thought when I woke up.

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