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    Good for removing stock and installing kouki, or just replacing a cracked light.

    1) remove carpet from interior (I did this by taking a standard screwdriver and just pry a lot of the 'plastic buttons') (two of them broke, no big deal for me, i plan on keeping the carpet in the hatch out and replacing with my own material)

    2) get an 8mm socket, and go nuts . You will have to remove about 14-20 nuts holding on the whole tail light assembly.

    3) make sure to remove everything (some wire holders have nuts under them)

    4) remove lower section (should match the color of your car),

    5) unplug all lights from the housing (this is simply by pressing a lever and pulling) Making sure not to bust any bulbs.

    6) remove the center section (backup light section), then remove the tail lights

    7) assemble back in that opposite order
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