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Thread: Monthly Meets

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    Monthly Meets

    Our monthly meets are welcome to ALL NWN members and ALL NWN newbies. They will be held on the 3rd Tuesday night of each month at The Shark Club in Port Coquitlam (beside Costco).

    The reasons why we have these regular meets are to have a chance to meet and greet other members of the club in a sociable environment, as well as to relax and hang out with other members who share our love of nissans.

    Anyone with a Nissan, Datsun, or Infiniti is welcome to attend. You don't necessarily have to own one to come as long as you can show them some love.

    For Recent Meets, and Up To Date Information on Meets please go to the Forums and view the 'Events & Meet Planning' Section for further details.
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    Hello, few questions for you to answer

    be sure to come and see my daughts blog. Thank anyone Jack and Whilst gary. Thank you both on your kind greetings. I've replied to your posts below...

    Jack - I agree that it can be informative to have more people with impairments involved in accessibility and commenting on the ease of access of sites. However, my better half is, in part, a web developer, and via me he had got very interested in availability issues even though his only impairment has six and a half foot tall! For him or her the virtual planet is the only one through which his height doesn't get in the way!

    All too often those who actually face issues in terms of accessibility acquire ignored. I'm tired of being told a site *is* accessible when I know darned well it is not - not to me anyway! Even various other impaired people occasionally tell me that some thing is accessible because their particular assistance technology works, but that doesn't mean that mine, and my own very particular strategies to accessing the internet, also does. Anyway, that isn't to say there aren't a lot of people out there without problems how do great be employed in terms of accessibility!

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