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    How to install an aftermarket manifold (RWD SR20DET)

    I typed this up on zilvia, so I figured why not share it on here.

    Tools Needed....

    14mm Wrench, 13mm Wrench, 12mm Wrench (optional)
    Phillips and Flathead Screwdrivers
    8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 14mm, 17mm, 19mm Socket

    I'm going to tell you how I do it.

    1. First unbolt all the 8mm clamps holding all the intercooler pipes on.
    2. Next unbolt your intake piping along with the maf harness set it aside, remove the stock recirculating blow off valve tubing. Along with the catch can assembly. Unplug your 02 sensor from the harness.
    3. Loosen all 14mm nuts holding the manifold to head, be careful and keep the nuts together with the washers. Do not remove completly.
    4. Next step, get a Ratchet Extension and a 17mm socket for the Oil turbo line. Becareful and try not to lose the washers. It is best to get new ones but not reccomended to reuse.
    5. Next up! the coolant lines there is 19mm close to the oil line be careful! if you did not drain coolant some coolant will come out, same as the oil line pretty straight forward.
    S13 SR20: Ok if you have a s13 sr20 Nissan decided to be jerks and made it hard for us. There is a 19mm bolt facing the engine. I've always delt with by using a small extension. I had to give the water line slack, by removing a 12mm bolt on the back of the head. Once it's off you are good.
    Another way is to disconnect the rubber line from the coolant line near the firewall. But I must warn you, putting it back is a bitch and a half.

    S14/S15 SR20. Nissan likes us so much better, they decided to put a line going to the waterneck. So just unbolt that and you are good to go!!

    6. Unbolt the 3 14mm nuts holding the downpipe to the turbo elbow. Use a deep socket 14mm duh!!

    7. Under the turbo is a oil return tube. You can either use a Phillips screwdriver or an 8mm. Disconnect to tube and remove from the block.

    8. Ok now remove all the 14mm nuts that are still holding the manifold on.

    9. What I like to do is, remove the 10mm bolt holding the Oil Dip Stick tube onto the waterneck. I move it out of the way, to give me more space, to pull the turbo assembly.

    10. Check your clearances, if anything is blocking you, remove it. Your turbo should come out. Don't be frustrated just yet, it may take a couple minutes. But it'll eventually come out.

    Installation is the reserve of removal

    Final Note: be careful threading the bolts back, don't freak out and panic if they aren't going back in. A trick is to to loosen up the 19mm waterline facing towards the strut tower. To allow you to line up the water line easier, this also works for the oil line. But is harder since the 12mm nut is hardier to tighten when the mani is on the engine.

    Should't take more than 1 - 1 1/2 hours if you don't fool around.

    Thanks- Rory.

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    the pipes on my new manifold are hitting my catch can and i cant replace it without mounting it all funky. any way to get arround this? do i need the catch can or wiil a line strait through work just the same?

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    ^ most cars don't come stock with a catch can, you don't NEED it... but if its already there i'd just get some more hoses and relocate it somewhere else.

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    thanks for the help

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