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    Spokane Raceway Park needs your help ... TODAY

    Repost from ICSCC Forums:

    Spokane Raceway Park needs your help, TODAY!

    This week the Spokane County Commissioners will be deciding whether, and how much to bid in the April auction of SRP. Spokane County ownership of SRP is, in my opinion, the best way to ensure the long-term existence and improvement of SRP. In County ownership, SRP will be added to the County park system. The initial purchase price does not have to produce a return on investment, as it would in any private ownership. Therefore, operating revenue would go toward upkeep and improvement of the facility.

    What can you do?

    2 things: Forward this email to anyone you know who has ever been to SRP, or who would be interested in its future. And,
    Send an email (again, if you did so in the past) TODAY! to Commisioners Bonnie Mager, Todd Mielke, Mark Richard at:

    Let them know, in your own words, why SRP is important to you, and to the County. Please keep it realistic.

    Topics that hit home to the Commissioners:
    *You use and enjoy SRP
    *The improvement of SRP would attract increased use
    *The money you spend in Spokane County during visits to SRP
    *Increased driving skills learned at SRP have saved you or loved ones in a driving situation
    *SRP provides a legal venue for kids to "street race"

    Scott Adare

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    More info on the auction here:

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    I don't know anything else about this other than what is posted. Even though I live in Seattle I always wanted to drive at SRP and hope that this establishes a successful arrangement similar to PIR for this unique track that I will be able to visit in the near future.

    Be sure to spread this to other forums and email lists to get the word out and show support!

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    I went to a few drift events held at SRP. I did enjoi them.

    Some of the Seattle guys didn't appreciate the events as much.

    But I will be sending an email.

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