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  • stolen red slammed on se super hicus hatch

    stolen between midnight and 10 am from mariners glen in port orchard has a jacked up windshield flappy foam wing slammed on ses it was clean.. auto and a rod knock dent in the passenger fender.. busted out front passenger turn signal.. messed up hood.. its a chuki

    call 911 if seen thanks guys
    This article was originally published in forum thread: MODS please move to lost and found?.. stolen red slammed on se super hicus hatch started by nightrieder View original post
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    1. christopher's Avatar
      christopher -
      i got eyes in gig harbor sorry for your loss i used to live in those apartments to many tweekers for me
    1. Jessy240sx's Avatar
      Jessy240sx -
      I got eyes in Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro

      Ill let all my friends know about the car so you have ALOT of PDA covered
    1. KetTheVoang's Avatar
      KetTheVoang -
      Eyes on the peninsula...
    1. Chad240sx's Avatar
      Chad240sx -
      what parts did your hatch have on it, just in case we see parts on craigslist or on here-chad
    1. nightrieder's Avatar
      nightrieder -
      cops say his name was jack something.. me and a bunch of friends spotted it he changed the hood black. and driving it in PO last night. so if you got pulled over driving a lowered my car.. my bad haha me and my friends think its robert and andy nicoson?? they have a history and stuff if it is them they are going back down to oregon. its on fortune auto coils.. not very popular so just be cautious i guess. thanks guys.
    1. sarom_ps13's Avatar
      sarom_ps13 -
      Did you follow them when you saw it??

      That sucks tho. hope you get it back
    1. christopher's Avatar
      christopher -
      so this is found and home again then or still gone
    1. alex288's Avatar
      alex288 -
      NOO!! Tired of seeing s chassies stolen
    1. 180sxRBeast's Avatar
      180sxRBeast -
      so...did you get your car back?
    1. AJZax's Avatar
      AJZax -
      i saw a 13 with black hood and halfa$$ black rattle can job so i called it in, bremerton
    1. boost_lee's Avatar
      boost_lee -
      chances are he probly not driving it around. unless of course hes the stupidest car thief in history. most steal the car park it in the middle of nowhere and part it out and leave it or torch it. sad but true. i hate car thieves
    1. nightrieder's Avatar
      nightrieder -
      Quote Originally Posted by AJZax View Post
      i saw a 13 with black hood and halfa$$ black rattle can job so i called it in, bremerton
      i havnt gotten it back but that is probably it. i havnt seen it over here.. but this guy is an idiot he is probably driving it around.. if i get her back and she is rattle canned... im going to curb stomp someone!!!
    1. Alex_Dawson18's Avatar
      Alex_Dawson18 -
      whats the vin# ? and have you got it back?