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  • Good Luck Mike Phillips!

    As the winner of our Sponsorship for 2012 we can't wait to see how mike does at round 1 of Forumla D!
    Comments 14 Comments
    1. beaux240's Avatar
      beaux240 -
      Good driver. Nice guy, met him a few times have a lot of respect for him. Got my first ride along with him at drift school a few years back.
    1. EssxThirteen's Avatar
      EssxThirteen -
      loved his car when i saw it at nissan fest. this guy will do great i am sure. much respect. good luck at FD
    1. Talex37's Avatar
      Talex37 -
      Hate the fact that you switched to a v8..but W/E. I hope you can kick some ass! Good luck man! :]
    1. Sheltonsr's Avatar
      Sheltonsr -
      Quote Originally Posted by Talex37 View Post
      Hate the fact that you switched to a v8..but W/E. I hope you can kick some ass! Good luck man! :]
      Hate the fact that you always offer your negative opinion on V8 engines, when nobody ever asks. Don't post unless you have something constructive to say.

      On another and more thread-related note, Good luck Mike!
    1. DertyDan13's Avatar
      DertyDan13 -
      ^bit too late, crashed into the wall on both of his practice runs didnt make qualifying
    1. sarom_ps13's Avatar
      sarom_ps13 -
      Well..... Hate to post this but this is what happened.

      Tie rods, i believe failed during initiation.
    1. di-devol's Avatar
      di-devol -
      Time for a tube-front! Shitty luck, that was the second hit into those tires.
    1. DreaminHigh's Avatar
      DreaminHigh -
      hope the LS is ok :/ that would suck to have to rebuild another
    1. sarom_ps13's Avatar
      sarom_ps13 -
      Off subject but is driftstream live right now? anyone have a link? Cant find it.
    1. Talex37's Avatar
      Talex37 -
    1. driftin_180sx's Avatar
      driftin_180sx -

      Min 38:00
    1. do it sideways's Avatar
      do it sideways -
      Quote Originally Posted by duece4ohh View Post
      this is what happends when you go v8.
      Ha ha and dang did he get at least one practice run in?
    1. driftin_180sx's Avatar
      driftin_180sx -
      What happened on the freeway today? Passed you going the other way there was like 2 semi trucks and some cars and the WSP? Truckers from Canada giving you a hard time?
    1. donie2nb's Avatar
      donie2nb -
      he will get it fixed.