Drift Union Invitational

Way back in 2011 a few friends told me I had to come check out this drift event at Penticton Speedway called The Drift Union Invitational. So naturally I went and have been hooked ever since.

Over the course of those 5 years I’ve watched this event grow A LOT with that growth a few changes have come, but two things have remained paramount. Driver quality, and fun. Every year on the weekend closest to canada day, absolute chaos has taken over Penticton Speedway if you want to see 10 or 20 car trains you will feel right at home.

This year Shawn decided the only competition would be team tandem and in place of the wall tap and big entry jams came a series of tasks teams could achieve throughout the weekend each worth a set number of points. If you could pull off 3 wall taps in one run 100pts would be awarded. Say you smashed your car into the wall but fixed it and kept driving? you get points, forgot to tighten your lug nuts and eject your wheels on track? Your team loses points.

Husky Situations has been shooting for team tandem victory at DUI since the beginning of time, this year those 7 rowdy guys in the grey cars made their mark.

Nate and Jason from Villians drift made the trek up from Walla Walla Washington again this year to hang their wings over the wall.

Jason maybe pushed it a little too far…

Basically it’s more than just the best drifting event in western canada, maybe even all of Canada, it’s more of a family reunion. Right down to that one weird uncle who maybe had a bit too much to drink saturday night. Have fun, be fun the requirements couldn’t be any easier to fulfill.

Every year i go home from this event thinking it’s been better than the last wondering how it could possibly get any better and yet every year. I’m still blown away by just how good of a time it is.

– Aaron Coombs

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