Formula Drift Round 6 Throwdown – Seattle, WA

This year was probably one of the best starts to a Formula Drift weekend in the PNW we have seen in a long time. There was NO rain. And the heat kept in check for once! This coupled with the big bank, crazy early rear clip coming off the wall and a whole new last clipping point made for some incredible battles between every level of driver.

There was no ‘givens’ this weekend.

A pair of HUGE surprises was both Vaughn Gittin Jr, and Ryan Tuerck hitting the wall during practice hard at the end of the 5/8ths bank. Thankfully both teams were able to get the cars back together for Qualifying.

As we rolled into the top 32 there were some battles I was very interested to watch. First off was hometown hero Cameron Moore and being paired up again with Chris Forsberg. This being Camerons home track and where he does some extensive testing I wanted to see just how the rookie took to this challenge ahead of him.

He put up one hell of a fight but Foresberg showed exactly what has kept him in the sport for so long.

Also in the top 32 was a bad day. Alex ended up stuffed in the wall in power alley and unfortunately that was not going to get fixed in 5 minutes so the win went to Dai Yoshihara.

From the top 16 down to the end it was great battles one after another. I couldn’t even imagine trying to put those all into words so I’ll start down at the top 4.

Matt Coffman, Chris Foresberg, Odi Bakchis and Ken Gushi were all equally able to take that top spot from this point out as far as I could tell from the days driving. It was any mans game now.

Matt Coffman has had his good days and his bad days for the past few seasons. This season there seems to be far less bad days and this weekend he was on FIRE! Watching him up against a past champion driving like it was his last run of his life. Just an incredible day for that young man! Unfortunately for him, Forseberg was no stranger to some pressure and seems to strive on it taking the win for that round.

That Bakchis managed to finally render the Genesis truly competitive is exceptional, and a story worth telling. But more on that another day.

Odi Bakchis, Chris Forsberg and Ken Gushi were the drivers popping champagne atop the podium in the waning August light during Formula Drift’s most recent trip to Evergreen Speedway. Bakchis, the wizard behind Feal Suspension, piloted his Hyundai Genesis to victory against Forsberg in his Nissan 370Z.

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