Formula Drift Round 7 Final Fight – Irwindale, CA

After 3 days in a car driving from Port Coquitlam, BC to Irwindale, CA I could honestly say I was not prepared for what was ahead of me at Formula Drift. With so many drivers still fighting it out for the championship it was going to be an exciting weekend.

First off lets get what happened at the thursday night practice out of the way. Forrest Blew the motor in the S15 so he was competing in his S14 and was down a few hundred horsepower.

Chelsea Denofa shocked the world when he showed up with a V8 powered BMW for the final round, then dropped a cylinder forcing him to borrow Odi Bakchis’s S14 for the final round.

Going into Round 8 it looked like Chris Foresberg was the man to beat! Ahead in the points and looking very comfortable in the car for practice and qualifying…

What no one expected was him taking himself out chasing Pat Mourdant into the inner bank wall. From here so many things could happen to take his championship lead away….

The man behind Foresberg in points was last years champion, Fredirc Aasbo. He was up against the hard charging Matt Field in the top 16. In an unusual turn of events Aasbo made a big mistake and pushed Matt Field through the last corner causing him to spin. If you were watching the live stream at this point, Chris Forsberg’s reaction said it all!

After the top 16, the top 4 in points were out. Chris Foresberg had secured the championship. And All of us media had destroyed brackets from our estimations in the morning.

It was completely open for anyone at this point!

Pat Mourdant was on a charge this weekend. Taking out Vaugh Gittin Jr in the top 32, then Foresberg in the Top 16 he moved on to Justin Pawlak for the top 8 and continued his streak!

Next he was up against past champion Dai Yoshihara and after some great driving from both drivers that was the end of Pats day. Dai ends up taking 2nd place for the weekend!

When the dust had settled it was Matt Field who came out on top! Some scary moments through the day with a crash in practice but his team pulled it all together and gave matt a car that could complete the day on top!

A big day after picking up his Gears of War 4 sponsorship for the weekend.

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