The Magic of Super D

It has taken me a while here to wrap my head around what exactly happened at Super D. For those who don’t know some friends of mine and I decided it would be a brilliant idea to shove to large men and one slightly smaller man in a 2015 Nissan Micra and drive down to Irwindale/Super D for the weekend.

So let’s get to Super D. After following the GPS down a weird dirt road we arrived at this small track in the middle of nowhere in Apple Valley, CA. As we pulled in I was in for the shock that I think many had when they originally saw the track. It was SMALL.

I was greeted by teams of cars getting their cars prepped for a day full of drifting which included the sights and sounds of people gathering around what most people came here to see, Naoki Nakamura.

So I headed out on track after getting my media credentials to watch Naoki do some runs and get prepped for what I thought would be a day full of tandem trains.

I was quickly hustled out of my chosen spot to the ‘approved’ media area, unfortunately which meant that I was far from my favorite corner which was the first one with the big entries..

So back to the driving….. The first few hours were lots of single car runs which for me was a bit sad so I headed to the pits to see some some of my friends and get out of the sun.

Once I had a TON of water and some food I headed back out to see what I had come here to see! Trains!

I really can’t say anything else from here on out. The last 2-3 hours were fantastic, exactly what I wanted to see and better than I could imagine!

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