Drift Union Invitational 2017

Arguably the best part of DUI is the first 20 minutes of driving. Everyone has been chomping at the bit to drive the whole week leading up to the event and when they finally get cut loose they go off the deep end at a sprint diving in head first, it’s pure chaos. The flow of cars is constant everywhere you look there’s tandem trains and everyone is feeling out each others driving style. I usually end up just setting down my camera and watching for a few minutes simply because I don’t know what to shoot and honestly i think there might be too much smoke in the air anyways, oh yeah someone called in a fire at the track this year due to the amount of smoke coming off the hill so forestry stopped by and hung out for a bit too. No fire here just fun.DUI this year left me with a greater appreciation for the level of comradery found at this event and in drifting in general. I spent a whole lot less time hiding behind my camera in my own little media bubble and a lot more time hanging out with some friends driving the event. Anytime something broke and another driver had the parts needed they were offered up on a silver platter even if it meant pulling them off another project they have on the go or parking their own car for a bit and making a trip into town to pick it up. No man is ever left behind, hell I even wound up spending much of Sunday helping pull a transmission instead of shooting.I suppose it wouldn’t be event coverage with out a little blurb of the results. DUI wasn’t all that simple this time around, the points system which is tallied up via various on and off track challenges is what decides the overall winner of DUI, the trophy still goes home with whoever wins team tandem but the cash prize doesn’t necessarily follow.Winning team tandem was team Half Decent followed up by a combination of Sandstorm and the Buckaroos. Third went to another last minute team Wizard Sleeve with Ian Fournier and Cam Davies thrown into the mix. The team walking away with the most points and the cash prize however was Sandstorm, those guys got into all sorts of shenanigans and managed to pull off the first upset victory of DUI.Even though the number of drivers attending this year was down (due to unfinished and or broken cars) there was still an abundance of good driving and the long tandem trains the event is known for lived on. This is always a huge standout event for me come the end of the year, DUI leaves me with the best memories and the worst sunburn but it’s totally worth it absolutely every time. If there’s only one drift event for me to attend annually it’d be this one hands down and I feel like by the end of this year it wont be any different.

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