Formula Drift Seattle – Round 6: Throwdown

 Well lets start with a little history here.  My name is Gaelen and I’ve been attending Formula Drift Seattle since Ryan Tuercks’ Rookie year in 2007.  I’ve been on track as a photographer for NWN since 2009 and I’ve seen it all….. Or so I thought.  

   2017 was an intense year for the top 32 at Formula Drift.  We had a LOT of great battles, including 3 sets of battles between teammates that were just incredible to watch.  Chelsea Denofa took out the big boss man Vaughn Gittin Jr in what can only be described as the most fantastic battle of the season for me!  

   We started out with a field of 26 this year which meant that the top 32 went by very quickly (drivers voted not to run their bye runs this round) but not quietly!  

   Easily the most exciting battle of the top 32 was Chris Foresberg vs Jonathan Castro.  Former Team mates. Long time competitors. Great drivers.  All added up to 2 OMT rounds for these drivers and some incredible action to watch.  In the end both drivers had big black marks down the side of their cars, big smiles on their faces and the man that has been on a charge all season, Jonathan Castro came out on top!  

   The Top 16 started out with a bang.  Literally.  Dan Burkett put his supra hard into the wall on the first run of the top 16 while chasing down James Deane.  Dan was ok but they were not going to get the car fixed before the next run so James took an easy win.  

   First of our Top 16 team battles was Aasbo and Castro.  These two are both running that crazy Papadakis racing 2AR motor in a Toyota Chassis.  Castro was pushing hard all weekend and pushed just a little too hard in the end, hitting Aasbo coming off the bank causing him to spin.  

   But by far my favorite of the weekend was Gittin vs Denofa.  Team RTR mustangs with big grip and both drivers with some great skill and aggression in driving.  Just incredible to watch.

   The top 8 started out with the Worthouse drift team battle in matching S15’s with James Deane eventually winning over Piotr Wiecek but really fun to watch two skilled driver in matching cars just drive right to the edge of the cars performance.  

   In the end it was a James Deane vs Fredric Aasbo battle.  And although they went OMT , James Deane came out with another win to continue to extend his championship run for the 2017 season !  



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