Nissanfest 2017


With the winter chill finally fading off and signs of spring pushing through that means it’s almost time for “the busy season” to start up again.  The first stop on that list for years has been Nissanfest, a sort of finish line to the marathon that is winter project season. Some make it, others like myself do not… for years.   Anyways, I feel like that’s part of what keeps the motorsport side of the things and the stance/car show aspect off each others throats for the most part. While we don’t necessarily understand one another we have an appreciation for what goes into a project or the spectacle of the finished result. Nissanfest does a great job of putting these two clashing worlds in the same venue while creating a laid back, and fun environment especially since doing away with the Pro am style bracketed competition and moving to a Team Tandem layout for drifting.
Team Tandem might just be the best possible direction for drifting at a grassroots level to go.  Matsuri’s are fun and all but you can only stand to look at so many missile cars for so long.  Full out competition series are pretty damn cool too they create a trickle down effect much like Formula 1 and Nascar do in the sense of technology and higher availability of performance parts. That said the drama and sometimes massively competitive attitude involved with a sport that comes down to a judged decision can become pretty tiring.So you take the best of both worlds, mash them together BAM! team tandem instant fun. Whether you are involved in something bigger like Villians and Husky Situations or you’re just throwing together a hodgepodge team with a few of your friends I guarantee you will have a good time. Even if the pacific northwest weather witch tries to rain on your parade… Which is exactly what happened this year leaving drivers living out the puddle jumping dreams of their childhood, or not.The defending 2016 champs husky situations were knocked out early on along with a mechanical failure for Villians making it absolutely anybody’s event to win. With Bone Apple Tea rounding out the top 3. Things came down to endless OMT battles between Daddy Daycare and Evergreen Old Boys, however a decision was finally made. Your 2017 Nissanfest Team Tandem champions are Evergreen Old Boys! This years car show saw a sizeable handful of R34’s making their way across the border to take in the festivities. Of course there was also a wide array of other vehicles and styles to take in. At the end of one row was an immaculate DR31 skyline, then directly across from it a relatively ratty 510 wagon oozing with character. Whatever you’re into there was something there for you to see.Even though the weather was less than ideal the event still drew a pretty big crowd and had a lot to take in even though autocross had to be cancelled. So that said if you know anyone who autocrosses harass them to signup for Nissanfest! Honestly it’s a fun event and a great way to start out the season. I know I’m excited to abandon my igloo to have another adventure in USA next year, until then enjoy your car! No matter what it is.




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