Villainous: Nate the V8

We were recently down at Bash to the Future 3 and got a chance to meet Nate Shewchuk of Villains Drift, from Walla Walla, Washington. He drives an absolutely gorgeous S chassis with an LS V8. Photos were taken and questions were asked. What follows are the results of that session. Enjoy!

Q: Nate, tell us a little more about the car, how long have you had it, and what made you decide to go with such a wild/amazingly beautiful build?

A: The shell was a purchased on a whim from a buddy for 400$ with a rod knock. It was 2012; I was campaigning a dual carb 4ag E7 full time at Stateline Drift in Spokane. At that time Dai Yoshihara had just won FD the year before with an LS 240 and I was very impressed with the simplicity of that car. The Corolla will always be my first love but it had been wrecked hard 4 or 5 times that year and was just too beat. Hindsight being 20/20 I should have band aided it back together and driven it 1 more year. 400whp is too much for a 1 year driver. I feel it hindered my development as a driver. Anyhow, back to the subject at hand. I had aspirations of ProAm back then… Ignorance is bliss. I had only ever driven SLD so my prescription of “talent” and “ability” was inaccurate to put it lightly. Competitive driving just is not for me. Jason Cowles (Villains teammate rx7) however does have that spark. If he ever decides to make a push on to Pro2 I’d probably sell the car and support his effort as he has some raw talent that surprises me on a daily basis. Anyhow the car just progressed as we both did as drivers. This past winter was a really big push as we wanted to drive Final Bout really badly.

Q: What do you have under the hood? Any go-fast goodies bolted on to it? Are you happy with the power you have currently, or are you going to add some more in the future?

A: It’s a 5.3 liter of unknown year and mileage Gen 3. I paid 200$ for this particular one. 799 casting heads with some mild port work and a super trick valve job. Comp XER281 cam. Unknown longtube headers, car intake, ls6 I think, MegaSquirt3x and a SuperT-10 trans.

Q: As far as aero and paint color are concerned, was this something you envisioned prior to putting it together, or did it just kinda happen?

A: the color was argued for a long time. 2 years+ I’ve always had a soft spot for Dmax type 3 cars. The BCL wing was just another “We should do this” kind of thing

Q: Can you give us a list of all the performance mods you’ve added to the car, other than the ones already discussed?

A: Cage, Tube front and rear. Coils, hydro-hand brake, Villains Angle kit, Era1 Drop knuckles out back, Ebay special adjustable arms, Villains Z33 stub axle adapters so I can run z33 axles with the standard s13 diff.

Q: Do you have any other plans for the car besides drifting it?

A: In order, Dog box, Winters, Tire Sponsor, Turbo & N02, Quitting my day job and driving across America stopping at every single grassroots drift event in 1 year. Not likely but I thought having a car like this was impossible for me and now here I am so who knows!

Q: Finally, tell us a little more about you. I distinctly remember you saying something about liking to be the “little spoon”? Haha!

A: Uh yea, I periodically live in the shop space we rent to keep the cars. Check out our Instagram, Facebook, or Bigcartel page so see what we might be up to that week.

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